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Guardian Global Tracking

Guardian Global Tracking was started in 2004 as Justified Properties, LLC. Originally the focus of the company was to help women and mothers with their housing needs. In 2013, the focus was expanded under the Guardian Global Tracking trade name. The devices offered allow GPS tracking in real time that greatly benefit the elderly, special needs, and teenagers, while giving parents, relatives and care givers a sense of peace of mind.

The Guardian Global Tracking products provide real time information that keeps a daily history of where the device has traveled. The ability to set GEO fence areas and receive alerts to smart devices along with two-way communication and SOS buttons gives caregivers the 24/7 connection they want to provide to the people they love. The necessity to protect our loved ones from daily social environments, while providing a basis of freedom to perform our normal aspects of daily life, without worry becomes a reality!

In my own personal life, as being the care giver for my father in the years prior to his passing, I realized that these products would have had immeasurable benefits to his life and mine. If he would have been able to have obtained an alert device like Guardian Global Tracking offers, it would have allowed him the flexibility to feel comfortable outside the confines of his home. I would have been greatly at peace, and my father would have been able to live a more active life. He often felt afraid of not having someone close enough if needed. The more I learned about the products, the more I saw how others could truly be helped. As the foundation of my company has always been to help others, I felt that adding the Guardian Global Tracking line would allow me to reach out and help many more people than I ever thought imaginable.


Lori Williams


UNSPSC Codes: 92120000
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