Purchase Accessories

Long Term Battery & Pelican case for Protector, Steward $243
Black Pelican Case with Magnetic Attachment $92
Ballistic Nylon Pouch $45
Black Rubber Cover with Magnetic Plate $46
Rubber Cover with Magnetic plate for Navigator $48
Magnetic Attachment for Protector, Steward $42

17600mAh Battery for Safe Alert and Supervisor $205

15600mAh Battery for Vindicator $163

1800mAh 3.7V Li-Ion Battery $55
12V DC Auto Cigarette Charger $55

Auto Cigarette Charger for Protector $35
Standalone Intelligent Charger $99
110V AC Wall Charger $54
Vibration Switch with Magnetic Reed Switch $55
External Magnetic Antenna for Steward $35
Voltage Down Converter for Steward to hard wire directly into auto power supply $42

Voltage Down Converter for Supervisor, Vindicator, Navigator $55
  • A 6.75% sales tax will be applied to the cost of the accessories.